For the purpose of these terms & conditions the following words shall have the following meanings:
(a) “The Company” shall mean City Handyman Limited.
(b) “The Customer” shall mean the person or organisation for whom the Company agrees to carry out works &/or supply materials.
 The Operative or Engineer shall mean the representative appointed by the Company.
The Company reserves the right to refuse or decline work at its own discretion. Where the Company agrees to carry out works for the Customer those works shall be undertaken by the designated operative of Company at its absolute discretion.

Commercial Terms: Full payment required immediately on site on completion. We’re entitled to charge a late payment fee in accordance with the late payment act 1998, minimum charge £40 plus 10% above Bank of England interest rate per day for unpaid invoices until paid for in full. Our invoices are to be paid the same day those are our terms, invoices that remain unpaid after 1 day will become a late payment.

Domestic Terms: Pull payment required immediately on site on completion, an administration fee of £50 including vat will be charged for late payments plus interest at 10% per day above the Bank of England interest rate base rate until paid for in full, our invoices are to be paid the same day those are our terms, invoices that remain unpaid after 1 day will become a late payment.

Appointment Cancellations: We allow up to midday 48 hours before to cancel an appointment before your work was due to be carried out, if we are notified within this period then the one hour minimum charge you were quoted plus vat plus any other incurred costs will be charged to cover our losses as our overheads remain the same as we are unable to fill the existing time slot with another job, please notify us in writing to cancel your appointment.

Bounced Cheques: You will be charged an admin fee of £40 for reprocessing reissued cheques.

Charges: The company City Handyman Limited charges a minimum 1 hour minimum charge for all appointment attendances then per quarter hour thereafter regardless of work being carried out and if repairs are successful or not. This includes work quoted on an hourly rate or fixed price work to cover costs. If for any reason we are unable to carry out works during attendance the one hour minimum charge would still be payable for our attendance plus any other costs incurred and any materials if used. Return visits needed to site will start from the one hour minimum charge if work is not finished on the same day, the next day or any other day after. Full payment is required on completion on site at the end of a job, time is charged until the invoice has been completed, you the client must make yourself available to pay the invoice. Time will be added and any other cost incurred like additional parking charges to the invoice if we are kept on site for an unreasonable amount of time waiting for payment, 15 minutes plus constitutes as unreasonable, invoices for a small job normally take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Saniflo Repairs: Any repair work we carry out is guaranteed for 3 months, this only covers our workmanship this does not cover your machine or parts fitted as the macerator motor/pump can easily be damaged or cause damage by misuse with wipes, cotton buds, tampons, sanitary products, limescale and foreign objects or previous misuse. If future problems arise extra labour charges will apply for any return visits. If a problem arises we must be notified immediately up to a maximum 48 hours, if we attend site and the problem is due to something else and not connected to the original problem you will be charged for the visit at the rates set out in our previous visit invoice. We cannot guarantee the longevity of a repair if you’re Saniflo has been repaired due to this being a mechanical item. You the owner are responsible for the maintenance and descaling of your Saniflo and connected pipe work, if looked after and maintained correctly your Saniflo will last for many years. Invoices are for work carried out as per job, if further visits are required for unblocking, further misuse, maintenance etc they would be charged as extra.

Problems: If any problems arise due to our workmanship we will gladly come back free of charge to rectify any problems should they occur, we must be notified immediately in writing and up to a maximum of 5 working days, misuse is not covered and will be charged for, we must be allowed to inspect any problems in their original state first, calling another contractor then informing us after problems are rectified are not covered by us. You must make repeated attempts to contact us either by phone email or text, failure to do so will also invalidate any claim.

Water Escape: In the event of an emergency, you as the property owner or manager of any property or commercial premises should know how to turn off the mains water supply, electricity or gas, we will not accept any claims where water has been allowed to escape by not turning the water supply off immediately.

Maintenance: You are required to maintain the devices in your property or commercial premises, failure to do so will invalidate any warranties given.

Goods And Services: Subject to availability.

Title Of Goods: Remains with City Handyman Limited until paid for in full. Company Registered In England, registration number 04962105

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