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Saniflo Descaler – How to clean a Saniflo Macerator

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The majority of Saniflo Macerator owners have never descaled their macerator pumps from new. Reasons being, the installer never left the instruction booklet and the Saniflo Descaler leaflet that comes with a new Saniflo hasn’t been given to the customer so the customer doesn’t know about this great product.

It is recommended that Saniflo Descaler is used for up to 3-4 times per year depending on water hardness in your area. Most of our work is in London and the water is seriously hard in some places. So we ourselves recommend you descale a Saniflo 3 times per year.

A lot of Saniflo start stop problems are due to limescale build up, if you use Saniflo Descaler when you have a new Saniflo installed it keeps the limescale away. If you don’t use the Descaler you will start to experience start stop problems around the 4-5 mark.

Descaling a Saniflo is so easy to do there is no reason not to do it, its like pouring water from a jug down the toilet its as simple as that.

How to descale your Saniflo Macerator pump.

1, Turn off the power to the Saniflo

2, Pour 2.5 litres of Saniflo descaler down the loo, if its a Saniplus or Sanipro we recommend pouring the whole 5 litres in as the macerator box is quite large.

3, Leave the descaler in the Saniflo for up to 2 hours maximum as stated on the container, any longer can lead to other problems. Do not leave overnight do not leave unattended.

4, After 2 hours turn the power to the Saniflo back on, the macerator will activate and pump out the descaler. When the machine stops, flush the toilet to rinse out the Saniflo then wait for the Saniflo to stop, then flush again and wait for the Saniflo to stop. Thats it job done, you have successfully descaled your Saniflo it’s that easy.

If you don’t descale a Saniflo they can give off bad odours which can be unpleasant.

Please note!

Bleach or other toilet cleaning chemicals or kettle descalers do not descale a Saniflo or any other macerator pump, all they do is damage the rubber internal parts and can cause shrinkage. Saniflo Descaler is a phosphoric based descaler especially formulated for Saniflo and other macerator pumps. Saniflo descaler does the job and we can vouch for the product.

Top Tip

When pouring 2.5 litres of Saniflo descaler down any toilet always pour another 2.5 litres of water in afterwards as half of the descaler sits in the U-bend of the toilet.

The alternative descaler we have recommended “Prokleen” needs to be diluted, so please read the instructions on any descaling products for the best results.

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