How to clean a Saniflo Macerator

Saniflo Descaler – How to clean a Saniflo Macerator

How To Clean A Saniflo

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The Importance of Regular Cleaning for Your Saniflo System

The majority of Saniflo Macerator owners have never descaled their macerator pumps from new. Reasons being, the installer never left the instruction booklet and the Saniflo Cleanser leaflet that comes with a new Saniflo hasn’t been given to the customer so the customer doesn’t know about this great product.

Understanding Your Saniflo Cleaner

It is recommended that Saniflo Cleaner is used for up to 3-4 times per year depending on water hardness in your area. Most of our work is in London and the water is seriously hard in some places. So we ourselves recommend you descale a Saniflo 3 times per year.

When to Clean Your Saniflo

A lot of Saniflo start stop problems are due to scale build up, if you use Saniflo Descaler when you have a new Saniflo installed it keeps the scale away. If you don’t use the Descaler you will start to experience start stop problems around the 4-5 year mark.

Cleaning Your Saniflo: An Easy Task

Descaling a Saniflo is so easy to do there is no reason not to do it, its like pouring water from a jug down the toilet its as simple as that.

How to Clean Your Saniflo Macerator

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your Saniflo Macerator.

Note About Cleaners: What Works and What Doesn’t

Please note! Bleach or other toilet cleaning chemicals or kettle descalers do not descale a Saniflo or any other macerator pump, all they do is damage the rubber internal parts and can cause shrinkage. Saniflo Cleanser is a phosphoric based descaler especially formulated for Saniflo and other macerator pumps. Saniflo descaler does the job and we can vouch for the product.

What about Macerator Toilets?

Macerator toilets have similar maintenance needs to the Saniflo system. The cleaners recommended here can work just as effectively for macerator toilets, helping you maintain a clean and efficient toilet system.

Understanding Saniflo Toilets

Saniflo toilets are a popular choice for homeowners in the UK, providing a convenient solution for adding an additional bathroom or cloakroom in spaces where traditional plumbing may not be feasible. These toilets work by using a macerator to break down waste, which is then pumped away to the main sewage system. The unique design of Saniflo toilets allows for more flexibility in bathroom design, but it also requires special care and maintenance to keep the system running smoothly.

The Effects of Bleach on a Saniflo Toilet

Can You Put Bleach Down a Saniflo System?

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your Saniflo toilet, it’s crucial to consider the potential impact of the cleaning products you choose. Bleach, a common household cleaner, is a powerful disinfectant known for its ability to kill germs and bacteria. However, its potent chemical composition can cause foaming when used in a Saniflo toilet system.

Using strong bleach in a Saniflo toilet can also damage the delicate internal components of the macerator, including rubber seals and the motor. Additionally, bleach can cause cavitation of the system, which causes the machine to foam up inside which stops the machine from pumping out. This disruption can lead to blockages and overflow of foam from the air vent of the macerator.

Alternatives to Bleach for Cleaning Saniflo Toilets

Given the potential risks of using strong bleach in your Saniflo toilet, it’s advisable to opt for alternative cleaning solutions. Saniflo has developed a product designed to work in harmony with their macerator systems. Saniflo’s descaler and cleaner can be used regularly to remove limescale, maintain the internal components, and ensure optimal performance of your toilet.

For general cleaning, consider using mild, non-abrasive, and non-corrosive cleaners, such as liquid dish soap or a gentle bathroom cleaner. Be sure to avoid using any products that contain strong bleach, chlorine, or harsh chemicals.

Tips for Maintaining Your Saniflo Toilet

  • Avoid flushing items that may cause blockages, such as sanitary products, wet wipes, or excessive amounts of toilet paper.
  • Regularly check the macerator unit for any signs of wear or damage, and address any issues promptly.
  • Consider having your Saniflo system serviced annually by a qualified professional to ensure optimal performance and prolong its lifespan.

Take Action for a Healthy Saniflo Toilet

Proper care and maintenance of your Saniflo toilet are essential for keeping it in top working condition. By avoiding the use of bleach and choosing suitable cleaning products, you can prevent damage, extend the life of your toilet, and enjoy the benefits of a well-functioning Saniflo system.

Don’t wait until problems arise – take action now to protect your investment, buy the best cleaning and maintenance Descaler for your Saniflo toilet.

Does Saniflo Descaler Work? A Comprehensive Analysis

Understanding Saniflo Descaler

Saniflo descaler is specifically designed to provide deep cleaning for Saniflo toilets and ensure the macerating system functions optimally. The descaler is a specialised cleaning product created to be gentle on the internal components of the toilet system while effectively removing limescale and other deposits that can hinder the performance of your toilet.

How Saniflo Descaler Works

Limescale can be a serious issue in areas with hard water. Over time, it can accumulate in the pipes and inside the macerator of the toilet, leading to blockages and potentially shortening the lifespan of the system. Saniflo descaler is designed to tackle this issue head-on. Its unique formula is capable of dissolving limescale deposits without damaging the mechanical components of the macerator.

When you pour Saniflo descaler into the toilet and flush it, the descaler enters the macerator and begins to break down the limescale. It’s recommended to leave the descaler in the system for a period (as per the manufacturer’s instructions) to allow it to work thoroughly. The action of the descaler helps to keep the macerator and the pipes clear, which is essential for the optimal performance of the toilet.

Is Saniflo Descaler Effective?

Saniflo descaler is generally considered to be an effective product for the maintenance of Saniflo toilets. The benefits of using the descaler include:

  1. Preservation of toilet components: Unlike bleach and other harsh chemicals, Saniflo descaler is designed to be safe for the rubber, metal, and plastic parts in your macerating toilet.
  2. Efficient limescale removal: The descaler is formulated specifically to tackle limescale, helping to maintain clear pipes and a fully functional macerator.
  3. Improved toilet performance: Regular use of the descaler can help to prevent blockages and maintain the efficiency of your Saniflo toilet, ultimately extending its lifespan.
  4. Ease of use: Using the descaler is as simple as pouring it into the toilet and flushing it into the system. This makes it a convenient choice for regular maintenance.

Tips for Using Saniflo Descaler

For best results, it’s recommended to use the Saniflo descaler regularly. The frequency will depend on your specific use and the hardness of your water, but generally, it’s advisable to use the descaler at least once every six months. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the descaler to ensure the safety and longevity of your Saniflo toilet.


Taking care of your Saniflo toilet system is essential for its long-term functionality and durability. While bleach and other harsh chemicals can damage the system, specially designed products like Saniflo descaler offer a safe and effective way to maintain your toilet. By following the recommended cleaning and maintenance routine, you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of your Saniflo toilet for years to come.

Other Maintenance Tips for Saniflo Toilets

In addition to using Saniflo descaler, here are some other steps you can take to help keep your Saniflo toilet system functioning at its best:

Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect your Saniflo system for any signs of leaks or other problems. Early detection can often prevent minor issues from becoming major problems.

Avoid Flushing Inappropriate Items: One of the best ways to keep your Saniflo toilet working properly is to avoid flushing items that could cause blockages. This includes items like sanitary products, wet wipes, or any non-dissolvable products.

Servicing: Depending on usage, it may be beneficial to have your Saniflo system professionally serviced every few years. A qualified service person can thoroughly inspect the system, replace any worn parts, and ensure that it’s functioning as it should.

Ventilation: Ensure that the macerator is well ventilated. Overheating can reduce the lifespan of the motor. If the system is in a confined space, consider adding a fan or vent to improve air circulation.

Is It Worth Investing in a Saniflo Toilet?

The Saniflo system offers a unique advantage in that it allows the installation of a toilet in areas where traditional plumbing might not be feasible. If maintained properly, a Saniflo toilet can be a reliable and long-lasting addition to your home.

It’s worth noting that, like any mechanical system, a Saniflo toilet will require some maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Regular use of Saniflo descaler, as well as adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines for what can and cannot be flushed, will go a long way towards ensuring the longevity of your system.

Final Thoughts

Saniflo toilets, with their innovative design and flexibility, are a great solution for adding a bathroom to a basement, attic, or any part of your home where conventional plumbing is not feasible. The key to their longevity lies in regular maintenance, which includes the use of Saniflo descaler. By following these steps, your Saniflo system can continue to serve your home effectively and efficiently for many years.

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 by Dom
Great review but

I have a quick question , why do you we have to disconnect power supply when adding descaler? My Saniflo is hardwired. I’m not sure I would even know how to do this. Can’t we just add decscaler and leave leave alone for a couple of hours and then flush?

Thank you
Any advice greatly appreciated

Turn the power supply off on the fuseboard to descale the machine if you dont have an isolator switch for the Saniflo. You must get and isolator installed for the machine. Use this descaler to clean your Saniflo pumpit can be bought on Amazon

 by Ann
Top tips

Thanks! Really clear and informative. Love the direct links to Amazon. Will descale regularly from now on.

Thanks Ann for you kind review

 by Abbie
Great tips but can what about cleaning products for the bowl?

HI there,

Thank you for the tips on descaling. I have a Saniflo 6001 and I descale regularly, however I am confused about how to clean the toilet bowl if I cannot use bleach.

Can you recommend other cleaning products to clean the bowl with that will not damage the seals?

You can use ordinary toilet cleaners like bleach and toilet duck and many others sparingly, just double flush the toilet after 10-20 minutes to remove all traces. Heavy and prolonged use of toilet cleaners to eventually shrink the rubber parts.

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