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Reliable Saniflo Repairs: London’s Best Service Providers

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Don’t waste your time with inexperienced plumbers or companies that don’t carry spare parts and offer a “No fix no fee” they have no intention of trying to fix they just want to install a new macerator at more cost to you.

London’s Top Saniflo Repair and Service Engineers

With over 20 years of experience, we’re the specialists in Saniflo repair and carry the most commonly used spare parts for most Saniflo macerator pumps.

Don’t let faulty Saniflo toilets or blocked waste outlet pipes disrupt your daily routine any longer. Contact us now at 07958758840 on WhatsApp or via email for a quick and professional solution. 

Trust the experts with a proven track record of success and satisfaction. Book your repair service today!

Dedicated Saniflo Repairs and Service in London

We offer a professional, same-day Saniflo wc repair service subject to availability across the top half of London which includes, North London, Central London, West London, East London, South Hertfordshire, Epping, Harlow, Hatfield Heath, Hertford, Ware, St Albans, Hatfield and Welwyn helping businesses and homeowners with expert Saniflo pumps servicing, to get a free, no-obligation telephone quote,

Expert Saniflo Repairs: Meeting London’s Needs

We can carry out all types of Macerator maintenance, cleaning and servicing to fix a range of common problems.

Saniflo Repair Near Me

Noise. Saniflo’s humming or buzzing can be caused by jammed macerator or pump blades or a worn-out capacitor, all of which can be fixed apart from a worn-out motor, which means replacing the unit.

Vibration and movement. If your Macerator is vibrating or jumping around during operation, it’s probably because there are baby wipes or other foreign objects caught on the macerator blade. We can clear the obstruction and fix the problem fast.

Foul smells. If your Macerator is more than four years old, it will need descaling or manual cleaning. We can do either or both of these for you, helping to address the problem of bad odours.

Leaks. Leaks in a Macerator unit can be caused by a jammed pump, a worn switch, a worn membrane or loose connecting joints, all of which can easily be fixed.

Starting up at the wrong times. If your Saniflo starts up intermittently for no reason, you could have one of several problems: a faulty membrane and switch, a leaking tap filling up the Macerator and setting it off, a leaking internal overflow, a shrunken membrane or a leaky non-return valve. Whatever the problem, we’ll find it and fix it. To arrange a repair and get your Macerator toilet working smoothly again,

Fantastic Saniflo Service: Repair Engineers in London

Why Choose City Handyman?

Message us now on WhatsApp or text for a quick response, quicker than a phone call!

Proven capability. With over 20 year’s experience, we can fix all types of plumbing problems quickly and reliably – faulty Macerator macerators, leaky pipes, blocked drains and more.

We fix it fast. We carry a range of parts, including many commonly used Saniflo spares, so we can usually fix your problem right there and then.

Simple, honest pricing. We’ll quote a simple rate to fix your blocked drain or macerator with no hidden charges.

Advice straight from an expert. We don’t have call centres. When you call us, you’ll speak direct with our operator who will put you in touch with an engineer who will discuss your problem and explain everything we’re going to do in plain English.

Trusted, local supplier. We’re a family business founded in 2003, trusted by families and business across London. To speak with an engineer or arrange a Saniflo Units Repair just call 07958 758840

We are often found locally on our business listing using the search term Saniflo Repairs Near Me

Your Guide to London Saniflo Repairs and Service

FAQ Saniflo Toilets Product Repair

My Macerator is vibrating

If your macerator is vibrating or shaking around whilst in operation and not pumping the water away is because of a foreign object caught on the macerator blade. We can easily strip down the machine and fix this problem for you.

Keeping London’s Saniflo Systems Running: Expert Repairs and Service

My Macerator keeps switching on and off running intermittently

If your Macerator switches on and off when it feels like it is due to, a faulty membrane and switch or both, a dripping tap, a dripping shower, a dripping bidet, or a leaking appliance if there is one connected to your Macerator. If your Macerator is in a kitchen there may be a hot water storage tank under the sink which has the expansion valve pipe leading into the Macerator and is dripping enough to set the machine off. Another reason for intermittent starting could be from a leaking push button toilet or the overflow from a conventional toilet cistern is overflowing into the Macerator. We can easily fix this problem for you.

My Macerator smells or is giving off a bad odour

If your Macerator starts to smell like sewage try descaling the machine first with Saniflo de-scaler, if this fails to cure the problem your Macerator will need to stripped down and cleaned out by hand, we can easily do this for you. After this work has been completed we recommend you descale with Saniflo de-scaler more often.

My Macerator is blocked and the toilet bowl has filled up

If your toilet has blocked please do not flush it twice as the water may go over the top of the toilet and on to the floor. Try plunging it gently as the U-bend of the toilet may be blocked with too much tissue. If the U-bend is blocked the machine will activate quickly as you are doing it, this is a good sign, if the machine does nothing check to see if the box is hot as the blade may be jammed. If the blade is jammed the machine will need to be stripped down and investigated, we can easily do this for you.

My Macerator Macerator Leaks out of the air vent on top

If your Macerator is leaking out of the air vent is because the pump outlet pipe has shrunk inside the machine and is spraying water out of the vent whilst in operation or the Macerator box is being overwhelmed with water and can’t pump out quick enough. If the box is being overwhelmed with water it’s because the machine is not switching on and off quick enough and needs a new membrane and switch or the motor is worn and is struggling to turn fast enough. We can easily fix these problems for you but if the motor is worn a new Macerator will be needed as the motor is not a spare part you can buy.

My Macerator is not working or activating

If your Macerator is not working, there are a few things you can try before calling anybody out. Check the fuse for the Macerator with one from a working appliance and of the same amps. Check the machine has not been turned off by accident as this is quite common or a power cut, check the fuse board for the property to see if the circuit breakers have tripped out. Check the box to see if it is hot as the machine may be jammed and the thermal protection has cut the motor out. If the box is hot or warm you would need to let it cool down to reset itself, when it has cooled down it would activate and make a buzzing or humming sound. We can easily investigate this problem for you.

My electrics keep tripping out when the Macerator is activated

If your Macerator trips or fuses the electrics when you try to use it is not a good sign, this would suggest that the Macerator has a faulty wiring connection which needs to be checked. If the connections are not faulty it may be that either the internal Macerator electrics are loose and needs to be inspected or the actual motor is letting in water as it is worn. We can easily fix this problem but if the actual motor is the problem you will need a new Saniflo, but it’s worth getting it checked before buying a new one as it may be a simple fix.

My Macerator is foaming out of the air vent on top

If your Saniflo is foaming out of the air vent it’s because there is too much soap, cleaning products or bleach in the machine. you will need to dilute the water before the machine will start working properly again. When cleaning your Saniflo use a minimum amount of toilet cleaners to prevent this from happening.

My Macerator is blocked  there is water backed up in the shower basin bidet and bath

If for some reason your Saniflo is blocked and water in the bath, bidet, basin, bath or shower is too would mean the Macerator is connected to all these things in the bathroom. Do not flush the toilet or use any items connected to the Saniflo or flooding may occur and cause unnecessary water damage. We can easily remove all the excess water and investigate the Saniflo for you.

Can I descale my Saniflo with bleach or kettle descaler?

You can not descale your Saniflo with bleach or kettle de-scaler as it does not have the active ingredients to descale a Saniflo. bleach and toilet cleaners do make your toilet look and smell clean but will not remove Saniflo limescale. To descale a Saniflo you must use Saniflo de-scaler as it has been especially formulated for descaling Saniflo’s and is safe to use on a Saniflo. If you use drain unblocking chemicals on a Saniflo it will invalidate your warranty if you have one and can possibly damage or destroy the motor and make it unrepairable. If your Saniflo needs cleaning by hand we can easily do this for you. Saniflo Descaler Intructions

How long will a Macerator last?

This is the most common question we get asked every day. A Saniflo will last many  years if looked after properly from new despite what people say, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions in the Saniflo handbook, descale the Saniflo 2-3 times a year if you live in a hard water area but if you have a salt water softener once a year will probably be enough. Other factors which can help extend the life of a Saniflo is by not throwing foreign objects down the toilet. This can be a major problem in tenanted properties or guests not taking your advice on board. If your Saniflo waste outlet pipe pumps downhill instead of up it will increase it’s lifespan as it reduces wear and tear on the motor. Just by following a few simple rules will make your Saniflo last many years but if a foreign object does accidentally find it’s way into a Saniflo we can easily remove it for you fast.

My Sanicompact is buzzing humming or won’t flush

The most likely problem is that the macerator blade is jammed with a foreign object. If the Sanicompact flushes water when pressing the button but does not take the water away and the motor constantly buzzes would suggest the motor is jammed, if this is your symptom the foreign object needs to be removed, we can do that easily. If you press the flush button, the bowl fills with water and does not empty but you can hear the macerator pumping or working would suggest the U-bend is blocked on the Sanicompact, this can be unblocked easily.

My Sanicompact is activating intermittently at equal times

If your Sanicompact is activating at equal times day and night would suggest the non-return valve is leaking. If the waste outlet pipe on your Sanicompact is running vertical up the wall and the non-return valve was leaking due to a damaged valve, limescale or a foreign object keeping it slightly wedged open the Sanicompact will fill with water and will automatically activate to pump out the water, this problem can be fixed easily with descaling, removing the foreign object or fitting a new valve.

My Sanicompact won’t activate when pressing the button the first time

If your Sanicompact has the old white single button there are a few reasons for no activation. The air button could be worn out and is losing compression, the air pipe may be loose or the microswitch in the macerator box is faulty, all these parts can be replaced by us to make it work again.

My Saniflo won’t activate when filled with water

If your Saniflo won’t activate this could be due to a variety of reasons. Firstly check the machine is plugged in and switched on and has a live power supply, you will be surprised how many jobs we go to where someone has turned the Saniflo off. Other reasons for no activation are, faulty membrane which is thick with limescale, this will stop the machine from activating properly, a faulty or broken microswitch will stop the machine from operating properly or worst case scenario a dead and unrepairable motor. Other reasons for not activating are if you only have a toilet connected to a macerator pump you could have a blocked toilet and there may be nothing wrong with the macerator at all.

My Sanivite is buzzing or humming and won’t pump out water

If your Sanivite is buzzing or humming and won’t pump out water most probably needs a new capacitor. If your Sanivite is in a basement and is pumping out water vertically it puts the motor under considerable strain, this is a common problem as a Sanivite has a powerful motor. We keep spare capacitors in the van should you need one so a repair can be carried out on the same visit. If its not the capacitor then the whole Sanivite will need replacing as the motor is not sold as a spare part.

My Sanivite is giving off a bad odour and smells like sewage.

The most common problem for bad odours is when the Sanivite is used as a kitchen waste pump. People tend to pour grease, fat and coffee grinds down the sink, this then binds together and can completely block and clog up the Sanivite box. No amount of Saniflo de-scaler will clean it when it is at that stage, it will need to be dismantled and cleaned out by hand, we do this many times a year in homes and offices.

My Saniflo only activates when the water in the toilet bowl is very high

There are many reasons for this problem, you could have a partially blocked toilet U-bend, you may have a stiff membrane or a faulty microswitch or finally, you could have a leaky membrane. If water should get into the membrane it causes activating problems and needs replacing, its hard to tell how the water is getting in so its best to replace the membrane for a new one then re-seal it. The old membrane may have a pin hole in the rubber which would be difficult to find so it’s not worth taking a chance to fit a new membrane then the problem is solved. This applies to most Saniflo models except the Sanicompact and other brands of macerator pump.

My Sanishower won’t drain the water from the shower

Firstly check the Sanishower is turned and has power, if it has power then it may either have a faulty membrane, a faulty microswitch or if the machine is buzzing or humming the capacitor may need replacing. We keep all those parts on the van but if the motor has gone its unrepairable and a new Sanishower will need to be ordered in.

Tissue paper comes back up the toilet after flushing

If after flushing your toilet tissue paper comes back into the toilet pan can be caused either by an incorrectly installed macerator pump or a dirty macerator chamber. What we mean by incorrectly installed means that the Macerator pump may be higher than the outlet at the back of the toilet. The waste outlet at the back of the toilet pan must be either be level/inline with the water entrance on the macerator pump or the toilet pan must be slightly higher than the entrance on the macerator pump, this will allow wastewater to fall into the macerator pump. If the back of the toilet pan connection is lower than the entrance of the macerator pump will cause wastewater to run back into the toilet pan. Wastewater cannot run uphill it will only go downwards, so always follow the fitting instructions for best results. If you have never descaled your Saniflo, now is the time to do it, Saniflo macerator pumps are for wastewater including human waste, so the machines need descaling 2-3 times a year. For help with Descaling or to buy De-scaler view our dedicated webpage Saniflo Descaler.

We work on new used and discontinued Saniflo Macerators and other types of macerators.

If you found our information helpful please link to it or share it. If you have not found the answer you are looking for please email us for help.

Saniflo macerators are also known as Sanibroyeur or Sanitop boy pro.

Try some self-help using our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Question 1: Is Saniflo repair service feasible?

Yes, indeed! A Saniflo system, such as the Saniflo macerator, not only can be repaired but should be, considering the critical service it offers. Saniflo, celebrated for its fantastic range of products, particularly its macerator toilets, is designed to pump waste and water from diverse fixtures like a toilet, sink, shower, or even a WC to a drainage pipe located at a higher level or different location.

Should you find your Saniflo system malfunctioning, there’s a broad spectrum of Saniflo repairs London engineers can assist you with. Common issues that require a Saniflo repair service include clogs in the system, faulty float switches, worn-out motors, damaged membranes , faulty capacitors. The Saniflo service provided by expert engineers should rectify these concerns, ensuring your macerator pump operates smoothly.

It’s crucial to remember that attempting Saniflo repairs yourself, especially when you lack the requisite expertise, can lead to further complications. Therefore, hiring a professional plumber or a specialised Saniflo repair service familiar with the inner workings of Saniflo systems is highly recommended. By providing Saniflo service and Saniflo repairs, these trained professionals ensure the longevity and safety of your unit.

Question 2: Finding Saniflo Engineers Near Me

Are you in search of a Saniflo engineer near you? Perhaps your Saniflo macerator system, a popular choice in the array of Saniflo toilets, needs professional attention. These fantastic products pump waste and water from locations where traditional plumbing systems may be impractical or unavailable.

Saniflo repair engineers, also known as Saniflo service experts, are skilled specialists in the installation, maintenance , repair of all Saniflo products. These engineers have the expertise and experience to diagnose, address and prevent issues related to your macerator pump, ensuring efficient service throughout London.

When looking up “London Saniflo” engineers, it’s important to find a professional well-versed in dealing with Saniflo systems. Assess their experience by checking their website or by going through reviews from previous customers. Also, their availability is a key factor to consider. Many engineers offer emergency plumbers, an indispensable service when dealing with an urgent Saniflo repair requirement.

Once you find a suitable engineer, don’t hesitate to ask them for a quote for the Saniflo repair service. This helps you understand the potential costs and facilitates planning and budgeting.

Question 3: Can a plumber fix a Saniflo?

While it’s true that many plumbers might prefer not to engage in Saniflo repair service due to the messy nature of the work, there are professionals who specialise in these systems. They might suggest replacing the entire macerator pump rather than performing Saniflo repairs, potentially resulting in substantial costs.

It’s always advisable to consult a Saniflo expert to accurately diagnose the problem – this step could save you significant expenditure. If the Saniflo is easily accessible, an experienced Saniflo repair engineer can have it working efficiently in a relatively short span. Discarding repairable Saniflo’s is not only costly but also detrimental to the environment, making these specialist repair services an invaluable resource.

Question 4: How long will a Saniflo last?

A Saniflo, whether it’s a macerator pump or another component, can last for a decade or more if well-maintained. This impressive lifespan is due to Saniflo’s reliable and high-quality technology, which, when combined with regular Saniflo service by experienced engineers, ensures your unit stands the test of time. Whether you require routine checks, emergency repairs, or new product installation, these experts cover it all. So whether you’re dealing with issues with your WC, shower, or contemplating a new unit installation in West London, these Saniflo service professionals are just a call away.

Some tips to find the service your looking for.

1, Looking for a local Saniflo Engineer, if you type in the search engines “Saniflo Repair Near Me” you will find someone local to you.

2, If you need a quote for a new Saniflo or a Saniflo repair, type in to the search engines “saniflo repair cost” and you will find a rough price if someone has entered this information on their website, if not you will find a contact page for a company offering their services.

3, If your looking for someone to repair your Saniflo in North London, type in to the search engines “Saniflo Engineer North London” and you will find companies including ours that cover that area.

4, Another common search term to find and engineer is to type in “macerator repairs near me” and you will find a local macerator engineer.

5, Another popular term to type in the search engines is “saniflo specialists” that is a term we use to advertise our services online, it’s always best to get a Saniflo Specialist to repair your Saniflo, ordinary plumbers are not used to dealing with them and will only want to replace it which can be quite pricey.

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