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In need of Saniflo repairs?

If you’ve got problems with a faulty Saniflo toilet or blocked drains, we can help.

We offer a professional, same-day plumbing service across London, helping businesses and homeowners with expert Saniflo repairs and drain unblocking services. To get a free, no-obligation telephone quote,

Call us now on 0845 224 0019.

We can carry out all types of Saniflo repairs, maintenance and servicing to fix a range of common problems.

Noise. Saniflo’s humming or buzzing can be caused by jammed macerator or pump blades or a worn-out capacitor, all of which can be fixed apart from a worn-out motor, which means replacing the unit.

Vibration and movement. If your Saniflo is vibrating or jumping around during operation, it’s probably because there are baby wipes or other foreign objects caught on the macerator blade. We can clear the obstruction and fix the problem.

Foul smells. If your Saniflo is more than four years old, it will need descaling or manual cleaning. We can do either or both of these for you, helping to address the problem of bad odours.

Leaks. Leaks in a Saniflo unit can be caused by a jammed pump, a worn switch, a worn membrane or loose connecting joints, all of which can easily be fixed.

Starting up at the wrong times. If your Saniflo starts up intermittently for no reason, you could have one of several problems: a faulty membrane and switch, a leaking tap filling up the Saniflo and setting it off, a leaking internal overflow, a shrunken membrane or a leaky non-return valve. Whatever the problem, we’ll find it and fix it. To arrange a repair and get your Saniflo toilet working smoothly again,

Call us now on 0845 224 0019.

Why Choose City Handyman?

Same-day local coverage. Call us on 0845 224 0019 now and we’ll respond within two hours, anywhere in London.

Proven capability. With over 20 year’s experience, we can fix all types of plumbing problems quickly and reliably – faulty Saniflo macerators, leaky pipes, blocked drains and more.

We fix it fast. We carry a range of parts, including many commonly used Saniflo spares, so we can usually fix your problem right there and then.

Simple, honest pricing. We’ll quote a simple rate to fix your blocked drain or Saniflo macerator with no hidden charges.

Advice straight from an expert. We don’t have call centres. When you call us, you’ll speak direct with our operator who will put you in touch with an engineer who will discuss your problem and explain everything we’re going to do in plain English.

Trusted, local supplier. We’re a family business founded in 2003, trusted by families and business across London. To speak with an engineer or arrange an engineer visit,

Call us now on 0845 224 0019

Saniflo Repairs London

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