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 69 reviews
by Gillian Edwards on City Handyman
Yay problem solved

This is the 2nd time Steve has repaired my Saniflo in my ensuite. Fast to respond, efficient, great service and friendly. Thanks Steve

Thanks for your kind review.

by loick on City Handyman
very pleased customer

Very pleased with Steve's job. Very professional, punctual, clean and on top friendly. he explained every thing he did and how to avoid the problem to repeat. Definitely a number I will keep in my repertory and recommend to anyone.

Thanks for your kind review, nice meeting and working for you.

by T.M.Warren on City Handyman

Excellent service from Steve , reliable and cost efficient servicewill recommend to any need a good job done.

Thanks for your kind review, glad to help out.

by Amelle on City Handyman

If you want a reliable and great service call Steve. He has been extremely fast to respond to our request, he explained every step of his work and very friendly and professional !i definitely recommend Steve !

Thanks for your kind review, it was nice meeting and working for you.

by Jessica Cator on City Handyman
Steve is Amazing!

I called Steve this morning with an emergency situation - he was at the flat by 3pm and the problem was solved. Unbelievable service, so efficient and reliably. I would never go to anyone else.

by TOBY FAY on City Handyman
Another great job and excellent service

Really very pleased to have Steve at hand to service our Sanivite and Saniflo; he offers a friendly, efficient and professional attitude and approach, many thanks as always.

by David Wyatt on City Handyman
Saniflo rescue

This firm always gives good advice (not always taken!) friendly service and professionally reliable work

by Katrina Folwell on City Handyman
5* service always

What a fantastic company City Handyman are, they've always been fast to respond, done a great job and now I have moved and let the property I can trust and rely on them to be honest and do the very best to look after the Saniflo with prompt servicing and feedback. I wish more companies could learn from them

by Mark Wardman on City Handyman
Great service

Very pleased as always with Steve's quick response and service.

by simon nicholson on City Handyman
Excellent as always

It's always going to be an emergency when you need an engineer, so it is reassuring to know that Steven is on the end of a phone; quick to respond, reliable and reasonable.

Thanks for your kind review Simon, glad to help out.

by kevin on City Handyman
Fantastic service

Steve attended within an hour & fixed our saniflow that had flooded the cloakroom within the 1st hour!! He also gave us great advice on how to prevent problems in the future.

Thanks for your kind review, glad to help out.

by sophia on City Handyman
Great Job

Amazing and efficient service from Steve.Great job and really friendly!

Thanks Sophia for your kind review.

by Jenny Rogers on City Handyman
Professional, friendly and prompt

Outstanding service. I had had very disappointing experience with previous Saniflo engineers but Steve reassured me that he could sort out my problems - and did. He lets you know when he is on his way and he is knowledgeable, friendly and supremely professional. Highly recommended.

Thanks for your kind review, glad to be of service.

by kate laydon on City Handyman
excellent service

Many thanks for your help and advice. The engineer responded quickly and kept me in touch by text re traffic delays. I wish more service industries did this. Informative clean swift and professional. Job done with humour and warmth.

by Rima on City Handyman
Saniflow blockage

Superb service!!! Came round was really clean, professional, efficient and tidy! I was really worried that this would cost a lot of money and like previously that I would have to buy a new unit! Steve was great, he knew what the problem was immediately, sorted it out quickly and left. I have kept his details and will definitely not hesitate to recommend him to others. Thanks Steve!!!

Thanks for your kind review, glad to get your Saniflo working quickly again, most Saniflo's can be repaired without being replaced.

by sophia cox on City Handyman
saniflo repair

Excellent service all round!! Steve got back to us straight away and got the job done in no time. He is honest, friendly and reliable! I would 100% recommend this service! Thank you!!

by DT on City Handyman
Great Service

Great service, call back and reliability.Not to mention what a great guy Steven is.Very quick, honest and good value.Highly recommend!

by Xee on City Handyman
Saniflo repair

Definitely "The King" of Saniflo's!!! This is the 2nd time I have had a blocked Saniflo, but knew it would be no problem for this brilliant efficient, tidy and friendly engineer. He even tightened up my bathroom door hanger! Thank you!

by Brian Davis on City Handyman

Excellent service,quick and efficient and a nice friendly engineers!

by Sheila Fox on City Handyman
Saniflo repair

Steve was brilliant. Our Saniflo was blocked. He came, he mended it, we got charged a very reasonable price.I highly recommend this firm. He could have easily told me that the motor was blown and that I needed a new one (I wouldn't have known!). But he didn't...he was very honest...and I didn't get charged a small fortune. Steve was completely reliable, completely honest, very competent and very nice. It's all working brilliantly now. Thanks so much! Sheila Fox

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Quick and efficient. Found a tenant's sanitary towel blocking up or saniflo. Recommended

by Anonymous on City Handyman

My saniflo unit stopped working and even though Steve wasn't due back from holiday he still contacted me on a Sunday & was there 1st thing on Monday- brilliant response, extremley efficient service & good value. I'm a very happy landlord

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Top class service from Steve could not wish for better and i don't say that lightly as i expect top notch service and moan when i don't in this case all i can say is thank you and well done

Thanks for your kind review Ian.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Very reliable and efficient. Steve has always helped even when asked to do a job at short notice. He knows his job, knows what he's doing and gets on with it.
Highly recommend him.

Thanks for your kind review glad to help.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Saniflow stopped working - it works now.

Faultless service - no more to add. Thanks

Thanks for your kind review.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

I am disabled and have had a wet room downstairs. I highly recommend Steve as he sorts out any problems quickly and is a very decent guy.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

I am disabled and have had a wet room downstairs. I highly recommend Steve as he sorts out any problems quickly and is a very decent guy.

Thanks for your kind review.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Steve - delivers - when I ask it to be done - he does it - quickly efficiently with no fuss. He is good with the Tenants - communicates well.

You can't ask more than that. !

I always use Steve for my Saniflow repairs.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Job done to our satisfaction and will use his services again. Very pleasant person.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Steve is very thorough, efficient, reassuring and helpful.
He sorted out our Saniflow problems and fixed the toilet as well and has been back to service them. Very clean and tidy, friendly with good communications and all at a fair price. Highly recommended

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Great service, responsive and informative. Highly recommended.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Steve fitted me a new saniflo plus system. Steve responded quickly, he was efficient and Friendly.Steve even fixed my loose toilet seat without me having to ask. I would highly recommend him.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Steve provided an outstanding service and went out of his way to help.
He replaced a Saniflo system in my clients property which wasn't easy as the bathroom is extremely small.
As I wasn't on site Steve sent photo and videos of the work being carried out and kept me updated at every stage. He also spends several hours trying to locate a replacement toilet flush as he noticed it was faulty when making the toilet repairs. Outstanding service and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

When it comes to quick and efficient service city-handyman certainly measure up to the mark. My autistic son lives in his flat supported by care staff round the clock. The Saniflo toilet regularly gets blocked due to care staff not remembering it is a Saniflo! Steve always comes to the rescue - he is punctual, polite and efficient and saves the day. Thank you so much for your excellent service!

by Anonymous on City Handyman

This is a long review but hopefully will be a useful testament!

Our Sanivite in the kitchen started making funny noises so we expected the worst - called out Steve and he came over, inspected it and it turned out all it needed was a good clean (it was FULL of gunk). An hour later it was good as new.

In fact, it ended up working too well! It turned out the previous owners did a botched job of the pipework under the floor and it couldn't handle the power of the newly cleaned Sanivite, and started to leak all over the downstairs neighbours! DISASTER!

Luckily Steve was still around and despite being late helped me take out the floorboards, locate and leak, fixed it, stayed calm, and basically got me out of a hole. I know there are other engineers who would happily have just left me high and dry (or not so dry!!)

It was 10pm by the time we were done, and he hadn't even had dinner. All round honest guy and had all the knowledge and tools to do the job. For Sanivite work I wouldn't call anyone else.

Thanks for your kind review.
Ken bought a flat and inherited a non serviced Sanivite unit, it was blocked thick with fat and grease, we cleaned it out, installed some new parts and it was working to maximum capacity. Unknown to Ken the waste pipe was also blocked with fat and grease, so when the unit was tested the waste pipe blew apart. This should not happen as waste pipes for all Saniflo's should have solvent weld joints due to the high water pressures involved.

Under Kens floor was a 40mm straight compression joint fitted by the previous owners plumber which blew apart as the blockage was further down the waste pipe. We had to lift up his floorboards to remove the existing part, remove the blockage and install a solvent weld joint. The Sanivite is now working as it should, so if a plumber is fitting a Saniflo or any other macerator pump for you, make sure the waste pipe has 45 degree bends and is completely made with solvent weld joints to avoid a disaster.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Got a really quick response time to my problem - Steve came on the same day and sorted everything out in an hours' time. Very friendly, professional, and efficient!

Thanks for your kind review, Dina has a Turboflush P which had some cleaning wipes jamming the macerator blade, they're quickly removed and the bathroom was working within an hour.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

This is the first time I used City Handyman on my Saniflo pump breaking down. The whole diagnosis to new install cycle was conducted in a professional and courteous way. Note that there was an added complication due to the pump being a are model but Steve sorted it out promptly. I was very please with the job and would recommend City Handyman.

Thanks for your kind review, Thierry had a broken Sanipack which had motor failure, A new Sanipack was sourced and installed in a couple of days.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

An excellent job as ever. I've used City Handyman many times. They are always reliable, do a terrific job. Friendly service too. I would highly recommend them.

Kim is an existing customer who is a landlady, her macerator is serviced yearly or inspected when the tenancy agreement comes to the end .

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Can't fault Steve, he's the first person we call when there's a problem at one of our properties. This standard of service and professionalism is very hard to find in London today.

Thanks for your kind comments, Oliver is an existing customer who has a German and complex macerator, it's not as easy to fix as a Saniflo but can be done.

by Anonymous on City Handyman

Steve provided a professional and efficient service - fixing our top floor toilet saniflow after someone had dropped a toothpaste tube down it. No hesitation to recommend him. Thank you.

Thanks for your kind review, this Saniflo was built in with restricted access, the foreign objects were removed and the Saniflo is now working again.

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